Park Benches Bishop-Ketteler House in Hamburg

For designing the exterior grounds of retirement homes, park benches with back- and arm-rests are generally preferred. This helps elderly persons to sit down and to rise without effort.

To ensure, that senior persons feel safe, the construction needs to be solid and steady. This safety is warranted by products which are especially designed for this operative range. The exterior grounds of the Bishop-Ketteler House were furnished with model Quater pertaining to the Urbanis Module System. The modular system allows planning a wide variety of models and materials. All benches

may be installed including ground fixation. The modules can be assembled in an online-configurator according to customers option. Tables and benches without back-rest and refuse bins matching each series are selectable. The wooden seat in FSC-certified hardwood offers very good comfortable seating variations and is extremely weatherproof and durable. When planning complete table groups it is important to consider barrier free zones for wheelchair users.  By installing a shortened bench in combination with the standard length table, it is possible to create an extra free space for a wheelchair user. A direct consultation with the manufacturer in this case is recommended.


The park benches demonstrated serve recreational possibilities outdoors as well as being an addition and upgrading to the entire retirement home premises. Inhabitants, employees and visitors

are likewise supposed to feel comfortable.


WEW – FSC-certified manufacturer of urban furnishings, park benches, city furnishings and litter bins for public areas, especially hospitals, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, spas, schools and universities…..

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