German Design Award Gold 2017 - Campus levis modular system

Model series Campus levis was designed especially for university- and school premises as well as company grounds. For these public and semipublic open spaces created for retreating and relaxing, a variable seating accommodation plays an important role.

The modules of bench system Campus fulfill all outdoor seating requirements and may be combined with variable side- or lengthways extensions to form logically connected communication areas. Since all functions are fully interoperable, diversified seating standing and lounging areas, harmonizing with the natural environment, can be arranged. Extensions or rearrangements are technically feasible at any time.

The sub-constructions are each made of one single flat steel with a cross-section of 9 x 1,2 cm, galvanized or optionally powder-coated. The wooden seat slats are made of untreated FSC-hardwood. Due to the high self-resistance of FSC-hardwood, waterproofing or glaze coating are unnecessary. FSC-hardwood has an outstanding longevity, however, maintenance of untreated hardwood is minimal.

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