Modulsystem Konfigurator


Modular system Campus

Series Linares

Bench Cado Corpus & Tecto
red dot design award winner



Cities with a special flair are attractive. Here we feel comfortable because buildings, planting vegetation and scenic views are harmonious; because town squares, streets and parks are bustling with life. We like to linger here, to take a rest, to enjoy the atmoshpere, to regenerate.
The products of our line Akzente are the innovative block in regard to design, material and manufactoe for this attitude of life. In the product line Akzente you find design orientated benches, modular benches, litter bins, bicyle stands and barriers for urban areas.

For classic equipement you will find benches, poly- and hexagonal benches, tables, etc. on our Klassik range of product.
These classics are english style benches made of solid wood up to bench-cominations made of iron cast side parts for installments of cicyle paths and hiking trails.
Our product line Urbanis Modulsystem helps you to design online your own products.

Westeifel Werke, we are your manufactorer for landscpape and urbain furniture.

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