The FSC©-pioneers

Already more than 15 years we are using FSC© certified wood for our furniture. On August 1998 we were the 1st FSC® certified company in our branche, furthermore also an active member in the FSC© work group Germany. In the meantime FSC© certified products are requested in every range and constitue an established quantity on the market.

A complete success - for our environment, for you and for us in concept of durability and ecology.



The FSC© certification

The forests are the lungs of our earth. They oxigenate the atmosphere, regulate our climat, clean the water, are home for most animals and plants, offer living and relaxing space for humans and are also supplier for many products.

Due to special measurements we can control the using of the forests. The most promising alternative is the sustainable forestry with FSC© certification. We have to assure that the forests keep their ecological and economical value. Ecological, economical and social-cultural as well as national and international demands ougth to reduceto a common denominator. The forest maintenance and the production of the wood are only one aspect of the substainable forestry.

The FSC® organisation (Forest Stewardship Council) was founded in 1993. The non profit organisation is classified as one of the challenging certifier for practised substainable forestry. Per one third of environmental group, social associations and economy are responsible for the FSC®.

Only these, who satisfy the severe criteria of FSC® and operate to substainable forestry, receive under strict controls the certification. The certification of forest enterprises is only one criteria within the FSC®, also the whole chain of custody culminating to the end customer are checked constantly. The consumer has the possibility to take part in preserving forests in the whole world by his targeted purchase.

Environmental organizations as GREENPEACE, NABU, BOBIN WOOD as well as WWF supporting and favouring the activities of FSC®.

Here you'll find our FSC® brochure

Our company is FSC certified more than 10 years. All our wooden products are available with FSC certification.
The FSC is the single worldwide accepted certification system for responsible forest management.
All reputable envirnment associations support this certification system.
We offering special products for your equipment in urban spaces. Regardless, if you need a bench, a table or a litter bin, even a special construction - here you are at the right place!

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